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Supplies for your Puppy

I really like thisGO PET CLUB blower.  It is reasonably priced and really works.  It has a heat or don't heat button and has a strong blower.  I even use it on my hair as it has a high/low button to control the strength of the blower.  

This is the brand of dog food we are feeding your puppy currently.  Iam's puppy in the yellow bag.  Please stick with this food for the first two weeks then switch to a different brand of choice.  We have food in front of the puppies at all time.  They are growing FAST and they need to eat when they are hungry so they can grow.  You can order here and have it delivered to your home.

This Wahl 5-in-1 clipper is fantastic to have around to help you keep your puppy/dog groomed.  It has 5 different settings to allow for clipping both shorter or longer cuts.  Keeping your puppy cleaned up around the (private) areas helps to keep him clean and smelling fresher for better hygene in your  home.  Also, keep the feet trimmed up to limit the dirt being brought into your home. 

The pigs ears are a nice natural product for your puppy to chew on.  It doesn't tend to ball up in the tummy like the rawhide chews do.  Get a big pack because you will go through a lot of them in the teething years.  

Great for house training in the house if you can't get your puppy out or to give your puppy and option other than the floor to potty on.  

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