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Training Bernedoodles Available for training for your Bouncing Bernedoodle puppy or adult!   They do house training, obedience, tricks and all training is positive clicker training! 


We have special trainers that will take the puppy into their home and spend the whole day every day with your puppy.  Your puppy will be the only dog in training at the time and the trainers will work consistently with your puppy on house training and basic obedience.  The price will be about $65 per  day for in the house one-on-one training.  Your puppy will come with basic skills to make them the perfect family dog for your family.


 Contact us to schedule your puppies training. 

Call 507-251-1909

FRAISER (was Max) - 3 month old F1B Bernedoodle male.  He has a home now!  He is a red and white in color!

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