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You are welcome to come and pick  up your puppy here though!  


Our shipping options to you! 


1. We (or a representative agent aka SKYNANNY) can fly with the puppy to an airport near you.  You will meet her there at the Delta loading area.   There are fees incurred with this service but we have had very satisfied customers with the SKYNANNY!  Having a SKYNANNY fly with your puppy on the plane.  Your SKYNANNY cost is the price of an airline ticket plus $350. Your SKYNANNY will  fly out of RST Rochester MN International airport on Delta airlines only. 

Your SKYNANNY that you hire, will bring your puppy to you as early as the next day or within a week (sometimes two weeks) of your puppy purchase.  Your SKYNANNY will contact you, set up a flight that will work for both you and her schedule.  She will book the flight and bring your new bundle of joy to your arms!  

We prefer the SKYNANNY as this is a great way for the puppy to travel with an advocate friend and have the BEST day ever flying!  ​

2.  You fly in and get your puppy.  You can then meet the parents and family.

Your puppy must be under 15 pounds (they will weigh your puppy)  to fly with you and you will have a charge of $125 by the airlines for your puppy to fly with you. You will also need an up to $80 puppy carrier in which your puppy must ride.  ​

3. You can drive to pick up your puppy.

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