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Training Tips

GOOD treats are important to have successful clicker training sessions!  We prefer naturally homemade treats like cooked chicken breast, boiled and cut up liver, steak (can be left over from your dinner).  Also, can be Cheerios, cat food, cat treats.  Soft snacks are best as they are easiest to chew and get ready for the next part of training.  Be creative.  Watch out for overly processed treats.  Stay away from any treats that come from China as they are sickening dogs and killing them.  START TRAINING YOUR PUPPY  FROM DAY ONE!

We really like clicker training!  We thing ALL puppies/dogs should be trained this way from 7 weeks on!  It is positive training and the Bernedoodles LOVE learning to please you and learn FAST from it!  YOUR TIMING is the key to good clickertraining!

Keep training sessions many but short.  It is better to have 10 - 5 minute training sessions than longer ones.  Puppies have short attention spans.  Train a little bit every day.  Build on what you are working one.  Go over the tricks that they have learned then move on to new stuff.

Follow ZAK GEORGE ON YOUTUBE!  He has excellent training videos and they are easy to learn from.  There are other excellent websites and videos online so look for them!  Please note:  Zak has gotten a little commercial.  Look around on Youtube as there are amazing videos.

Training Videos

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