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We welcome visitors to come and see our farm and meet our dogs by appointment only. When you get here, expect lots of excited barks and for a few dogs to meet you at the driveway so please drive in slowly. Once you meet our dogs, you will see why we LOVE them so much!  Please don't wear your best clothes as we can guarantee that you will go home with  a little of the farm so plan to have a dirty paw on your or our Baby to sit on your feet.  

We work diligently to keep our facilities clean and well groomed but is always a work in progress. We have times when it is muddy or the dogs go and play in the pond...YES, they do love water! We also raise high quality Friesian Sporthorses and strive to keep both businesses running and producing the BEST horses and dogs.  

Visiting BFF Kennels and Bouncing Bernedoodles

1.  Please make an appointment by calling 507-251-1909.  

2.  For your children's safety, keep your them with you at all times and be sure they are respectful of our beloved dogs and horses.  

3.  If you have been to a different breeder's farm prior to ours, please clean the bottoms of your shoes and hands to keep our dogs/puppies safe from disease.


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